Educational psychology

What kind of difficulties can we help you with?

Many children have additional educational needs of some kind, schools help most children to overcome these barriers quickly and easily.

However, there are times when parents feel that their child’s difficulties have not fully been recognised or understood and wish to obtain an independent assessment.  At Conatus we can help to clarify your child’s needs and the ways these impact on their learning or functioning in the school environment.
Our educational psychologists work with the following concerns as they may affect your child in school:
  • Learning difficulties
  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Sensory or physical needs
  • Communication problems
  • Medical or health conditions
The current Code of Practice for 'Special Educational Needs' puts these difficulties under four areas of functioning:
  • Communication and Interaction;
  • Cognition and Learning;
  • Behaviour, Emotional and Social Development;
  • Sensory and/or Physical.

What we offer

Conatus offers parents and education professionals access to detailed educational assessments and psychological interventions in school, to help students fulfil their potential and enjoy the experience of education and learning.

When a student's difficulties are pronounced, an assessment is required in order to fully understand an individual child's needs. This is the process of evaluating - primarily through assessment, observation and interview - the student's knowledge and skills, and their beliefs and attitudes about school.

An assessment comprises the administration of different nationally and internationally-recognised tests and interviews with the child, parent(s) and teachers.  When they’ve been involved, other professionals (e.g. doctors, speech and language therapist and CAMHS professionals) may also be contacted for information. Past reports and attainments are also reviewed, along with visits to the school to observe the child in their learning context.

When all the above information has been gathered, a report is written summarising the assessment and conclusions.  A series of recommendations are also made.  These usually centre on strategies to build on a child’s strengths, as well as addressing areas of difficulty.  We aim to include ways in which parents can continue to support their child.  Recommendations are intended to inform future planning and placement for the young person.

School based assessment costs in the region of £1600 dependant on individual need. 

The assessment usually includes:   Pre-reading of notes and reports, a family appointment, child interview/testing, school visit, liaison with other professionals and a full written report of the findings.

As each child's needs are different we offer an individual quote for each assessment. To start this proces please call us on 01926 876085

(Assessments usually take between 6 and 8 weeks.  However school holidays will limit the availability of classroom visits resulting in a longer wait time).
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