Dr Alexandra Cooper-Bastien

Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Alex Picture
I knew from when I was 18 years old that I wanted to be a child psychologist and went off to university with that plan in mind. It seemed to me that it would be so interesting to learn how to better understand people and I thought it would be particularly rewarding to pursue a career where I could help children and young people, when things are difficult for them and to help them to make changes to their lives, when things are not as they want them to be.

I have been fortunate to be able to follow that career path ever since, qualifying with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2000 and is has been as interesting and rewarding as I had hoped.

Over my career I have worked mainly for the NHS but also in the voluntary sector and Education. These different roles have enabled me to work in community-based clinics, schools and residential settings mainly in the UK but I have also spent some periods undertaking aid work overseas. For many years I have taught on three of the Midlands’ Clinical Psychology Doctorate Training programmes and supervised Clinical Psychology Trainees on those programmes.
Since 2019 I have worked in Private Practice at Conatus, alongside my senior leadership role within the NHS. I have a special interest in psychological development in the early years and understanding how this impacts on later life. I have considerable experience in working with children and young people who have a history of trauma or neglect and supporting their parents or carers. I use a range of psychological approaches, most recently undertaking training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), which is particularly useful for helping families where the child has experienced trauma or disruptions to their relationships with parents or carers. I undertake specialist psychological assessments for difficulties such as anxiety or depression and also for neurodevelopmental difficulties, such as Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
Sometimes I work with just the young person, other times just the parents or carers or it can be that everyone is seen together, depending on how we make sense of the difficulties and everyone’s choices about what feels best for them. Whoever I am working with it is very important to me that they feel respected and have a clear sense that we are working collaboratively together toward their goals
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